In the center of the Holy Land - a few minutes by auto from Bethlehem, near Jerusalem, a day’s trip to the Red Sea and many other world-famous cities and sites—“Abrahams Herberge” awaits you in the middle of the Christian-influenced 10,000 resident city of Beit Jala. It is an ultra-modern guesthouse/hotel which at the same time radiates an Oriental ambiance.

The proverbial Arabic hospitality and friendliness of the people bid you a heartfelt welcome in the neighborhood of an Evangelical Lutheran congregation. From here you will experience the Holy Land in all its lively, impressive variety, and you will enjoy at the same time rest and relaxation in the security of “Abrahams Herberge.” You will be amazed at the expansive view from the roof-terrace of south Jerusalem, and beyond Bethlehem to the hills of Jordan.

Abrahams Herberge is a large, church-sponsored peace project in the Middle East.

Abrahams Herberge forms a bridge in the Holy Land to a peaceful life together in Israel and Palestine. It is a place of encounter for young and old, for Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

Abrahams Herberge is part of the complex of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Beit Jala, a Palestinian city adjacent to Bethlehem.

The Guesthouse/Abrahams Herberge, however, is much more than a place of lodging for tourists. Because of its close link to the congregation, here one can experience church life, and also take an active role in worship services, youth work, social work, and many other activities.

Abrahams Herberge bids you welcome as visitor from every part of the world—whatever may be your religion or worldview.